About Me

There’s not a time in my life that I can remember where I didn’t have a book in my hand. Like many people who read, I first started reading to escape and then it morphed into reading because I needed it like I needed air in my lungs to breathe.

I’ve tried books of all sorts and after decades of searching, I’ve finally stumbled upon the road of romance and fantasy and that’s where I plan on travelling for the foreseeable future. There’s just something about worlds that shouldn’t exist but do, romances that shouldn’t be perfect but are, and books that shouldn’t make you feel as if your being transported into it’s typed words that make me never want to leave. It’s a road that I cant imagine myself veering off of. It’s a place that I finally, after so many years of searching, feel at home in.

When I’m not reading and actively adding to my in-home library, I’m hanging out with my two fur babies, my handsome man, and attempting (miserably) to write my own life-changing novels. I’m new to reviewing but just like reading, I found yet another calling of mine. I love reviewing, I love talking about books that have otherworldly affected me and I absolutely love anything books.

This is what I’ve been searching for my entire life and this is where I plan on staying.

I’m more than happy to accept advanced reading copies in exchange for an honest review! Feel free to email me at shyshilson@gmail.com or on any of my social media!

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