The Bro Code by Elizabeth A. Seibert

Summary of Book: Nick strictly follows the laws of the Bro Code. It strictly states in said code that one bro does not date another bro’s sister. That’s exactly what Nick does. He slowly begins to fall for his best friend’s sister, thus breaking the Bro Code. He has to navigate his last year of highs school, Coach Dad, getting into the college/ soccer program of his dreams, and somehow keep the girl he loves as well as his best friend.

This was a quick, easy, cute little read. I enjoyed it for the most part.

I was quickly intrigued to read this because it’s a Wattpad book and that’s where I got my start. I have a soft spot for Wattpad so I was more than happy to read this.

I liked the fact that this was written in Nick’s point of view instead of Eliza. It was refreshing to read from a males perspective other than the typical women’s. The talk of the Bro Code was hilarious and I loved that said codes were implemented during the chapters of the book. This definitely read as a young adult book, maybe a little younger. If the characters were set to already be in college, this book wouldn’t have worked. Their conversations were pretty childish, as well as their jokes and this just wasn’t a read to be taken seriously which was good because I was looking for a light read and this is exactly what I got.

Although I liked this book enough, I had two problems with it. One, even though they were seniors in high school, they were extremely childish, even for boys. So childish that I found myself skim-reading a few of the conversations. Even in high school, kids have conversations that have meaning. There were only about one or two heart-to-heart conversations in this entire book and that just isn’t believable. I felt like this book portrayed high schools as dumb and childish, incapable of anything other than making sex jokes. for a light read that was fine but if Seibert plans on writing other books, she should make them a little more emotionally in-depth.

The other thing that I had a major problem with was a few of the comments and discussions if you can even call it that, about sexism and consent. I am overjoyed whenever a book brings light to sexism, consent, and any other common, everyday issues. I am not overjoyed when it’s done just to be done and without meaning. That’s what happened here. I felt like Seibert threw in those little comments about consent and sexism just to have it in there and didn’t really mean it. That was my major problem with the book. It wasn’t genuine and in turn felt fake and a little disrespectful to actual real-world issues that go on every single day. Seibert should have just left those parts out because it made me cringe. If you’re going to include those conversations then it needs to be done correctly and this was not.

All in all, I enjoyed reading The Bro Code but it didn’t have any substance and I’ll be forgetting it by the end of the day. I read this in one sitting and finished it within a day but that’s because there was nothing meaningful about it. It was just a book that had funny parts and a little dash of romance with a lot of meaningful friendship that saved the entire book. Without the bro’s this book would have flopped in my opinion.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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