Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Summary of Book: When Daniel finds out there is a real-life mystery going on at his place of employment he connects with mystery lover Birdie to not only solve the mystery but to get a second chance that they both want but can’t seem to make happen.

This is my third book from Jenn Bennett and if I had to rank between the three I’ve read so far, I would say Serious Moonlight is my least favorite out of Starry Eyes and Alex, Approximately. This could be because I’m not into mysterious and that genre was the basis of this book and it could also be because I just didn’t feel the connection between Birdie and Daniel.

I loved the characters alone. They were enchanting, loveable, funny as hell and so damn well developed that the inner author in me is jealous. But as a couple, which is what the book was running towards, I didn’t feel it. Not one bit.

I thought Birdie was emotionless and wholesomely self-centered. I thought Daniel was okay, but he was a little pushy (not in a bad way, just in a way I don’t really enjoy when reading male characters), and I thought the ending (while surprising) made Daniel look really sketchy and just gave me a slightly bad vibe about the entire book.

Maybe if I had felt the connection between the two I wouldn’t mind the other stuff so much but all of that paired with the fact that I genuinely doubt (if this was real life) that they would make it as a couple (because the entirety of their relationship is about solving mysteries and that’s all they seem to have in common and obviously mysteries wont last a lifetime so after the mysteries are solved and gone, then what?) but this book just didn’t… get me like Alex, Approximately and Starry Eyes.

Again, I want to say that I genuinely don’t enjoy any sort of mystery type books and this was definitely a mystery type book so I probably wouldn’t have connected with it anyway. I found that a lot of the middle dragged and a few times I had to push myself to continue reading, mostly just because I wanted to finish it so I can read all of Jenn Bennett other books.

If you’re on a Bennett binge like I am, I would highly suggest reading Starry Eyes and then Alex, Approximately before reading this. Or maybe read this first so you wont realize how much it lacks compared to the other two books.

All in all, this was good. Just not spectacular like the other two books I’ve read so far.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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