Bringing Down the Stars (Beautiful Hearts #1) by Emma Scott

Summary of Book: She fell for Connor because of his beautiful words of poetry. Something still felt off, but she listened to his words and fell anyway. So, what happens when she finds out that it wasn’t Connor’s words but his bestfriend, Weston’s?

The only reason why this isn’t a five star rating is because of the love triangle. I hate those, don’t do those and they annoy me to no end so that’s why this is a four star rating for me. Outside of that, Five Stars all the way!

I will add though that this isn’t your typical love triangle sort of book. This is the sort of book where feelings are conflicted, not used as weapons. Where confusion and denial rule. There is no intentional malice here, not purposefully making someone jealous. In fact, the two deny their feelings for each other to protect someone else. they resit their love for each other because they both equally love and want to protect the other person.

This book was a work of poetry wrapped up in a fiction novel. I loved it. It was refreshing and new and it felt raw and it’s one of those books where I actually felt something, where I emotionally connected with not only the story but each individual characters as well.

Obviously, I rooted for one couple over the other but in the end, I would have been pleased with either one of the men making it work. The ending absolutely killed me, surprised me and then killed me again. It was one of those endings where you need to immediately pick up the second book and start reading because there’s no way in hell I cant know what happens. Off to book two, Long Live the Beautiful Hearts.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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