House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Summary of Book: When Bryce’s bestfriend is brutally murdered, she pairs up with a badass angel to help find the creature responsible for ruining not only Bryce’s life, but many others.

“Through love, all is possible.”

I’ve read every single one of Sarah J. Maas’s books more than once and House of Earth and Blood is not going to be any different. Maas has a way of writing stories and creating characters that make you either love or hate them, nothing in between. Maas has a way of sucking you into each and every world that she creates to the point that even if you wanted to get out of it, you couldn’t. That’s exactly how this book was for me.

“You’re the person I don’t need to explain myself to – not when it matters. You see everything I am, and you don’t run away from it.”

I will say that it took me about a month to get past the first 100 pages of this book. It was slow, felt like it dragged and it honestly scared me into thinking that this book was going to be a flop. Then I remembered who the author was, pushed through it, and finished the entire 816 pages in not only one day but one sitting. My back hurts, my heart hurts and I’m going to be slowly dying until the 2nd book comes out because this shit ends one a cliff hanger and I NEED THE 2ND BOOK NOW!

“Remember that you will die, and enjoy each pleasure the world has to offer.”

I will also say that there were many twists and turns in this book because it follows not only one but two, maybe three, investigations and I honestly couldn’t not figure out where the book was going. That doesn’t happen often for me. I can usually guess where the story is going, where the twists will take me. This was not the case with this book. Not only was I shocked every hundred pages but the ending… Oh Hel, the ending almost killed me. I would have never, in my entire life, guess what happened. Ever. I’m still shocked by the way the book ended and again, I NEED THE 2ND BOOK NOW!

“Memento Mori. Remember that you will die.”

This book contains Angels, Fae, Werewolves, Archangels, Sorcerers, and so many different creatures that I still am unsure what they actually are. Unlike Maas other books, the people in this book live in a world already immersed in all things immortal and magical and I loved it. I’m tired of humans right now so not dealing with them a whole lot was amazing. The world building and the story was so deeply developed that I actually thought I was there with them, which is not surprising considering who wrote the book. At this point, Maas could write one word and call it a book and I would love it. She can do no wrong in my eyes, outside of starting her books out really, really slow but after you push through that little part, everything is fast and amazing.

“It is a symbol – and symbols will always wield power of their own.”

I’m going to be in a book hangover until her 2nd book comes out so this will be fun. I’m probably going to be rereading this book a few times in the meantime because I feel like the more times I read this, the more amazing things I will notice and find. I haven’t been this excited about a book in… quite a while.

“There are worse fates than death, you know.”

If you liked Maas other books, or if this is the first book you’ve ever read from her, just take the leap and prepare to fall about a hundred thousand feet below because once you open one of her books, any of them but especially this one, you wont be able to drag yourself out. Trust me. Take the plunge, you don’t regret it.

“What blinds an oracle, Bryce Quinlan?”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Read more about House of Earth and Blood here:

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