The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson

Summary of Book: Vera comes back home with the mindset of using her expensive culinary degree by opening up a food truck catering to late-night drunk crowds. Across the way is Killian Quinn, a Michelin Star chef, who has every food critic in the city wrapped around his too-large fingers. But he’s also pretentious and unbearably arrogant and the very opposite of Vera. She tells him multiple times that he can keep his unsolicited advice and his late-night visits and his cocky smiles because she wants none of it. In fact, she wants the opposite. But when those late nights turn steamy, when his unsolicited advice becomes helpful, Vera can’t help but fall for Killian Quinn and his too hot ways with his too hot kitchen.

“You keep saying words like crazy and insane and risky, but Vera, the best things in life are all of those things. You can’t reap big rewards if you don’t take big risks.”

This book actually started my obsession with food-related books. This is a slow-burn, angsty, enemies-to-lovers book that starts and ends with food. It not only has that typical hot kitchen vibe that we see on tv shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, but it has Killian Quinn and really, once you read this, you’ll understand why Killian is enough. Outside of Killian, Vera is determined, headstrong, and doesn’t let Killian push her around even though he tries his hardest to. I found this to be a fast read and I loved every aspect of it. The connection between Killian and Vera is real and alive, literally tangible, and the chemistry tastes better than the food, in my head at least. The banter was hilarious and there wasn’t an ingredient of this book that I didn’t adore.

“You make me smile when I’ve had the worst day.”

If you take out the food aspect and the enemies-to-lovers theme, and the slow-burn romance from this book, the witty banter between Vera and Killian is enough. It’s the type of hilarious banter that made me snort-laugh every other sentence,=.0 and fall in love with them three chapters in. I actually loved this book so much that I’m going to buy the physical book and read it for the second time as soon as I get it delivered.

“Be real, is salt holding you at gunpoint right now?”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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