The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

This may be the greatest, most imaginative, mind-fucking book that I have ever read or one of the most confusing. mind-fucking books that I have ever read. Either way, this is one of the greatest books that I have ever read. I’m going to try to explain this to you in the most clear, precise way possible but I don’t think that it will be concise or clear because this book was everything but that.

“The most difficult thing to read is time. Maybe because it changes so many things.”

If I had place a book that represented the definition of magic, it would be this book. If I had to designate a book that represented all things wonderful and otherworldly and so damn mind blowingly confusion that you genuinely cant decide if you love or hate it, I would throw this book right into that designated spot because this is where it belongs and where it will always stay.

“Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in stone, remember that.”

First, let me just say that I have never read a book that felt so… magical. I have never read a book that had me so thoroughly confused but so deep embedded into the story that I could not only not put it down but I actually dreamed about it. Yes, it was a seriously fucked up dream that was probably more a nightmare but I digress.

“But dreams have ways of turning into nightmares.”

This was supposed to follow two people as they duel it out and then they fall in love and that’s where the main problem lies, right? No. Fuck no. This book follows not only an entire circus, but a clock maker, revivers, a random boy name Bailey who I thought meant nothing and ended up meaning everything!

“I would have written you, myself, if I could put down in words everything I want to say to you. A sea of ink would not be enough.’ ‘But you built me dreams instead.”

I thought that certain people and chapters were just extra little bits that didn’t mean anything to the story. I was wrong and now I have to reread the entire book because I skimmed over some chapters like the dumbass I am. I am not only going to go back and reread the book because I feel as if someone manipulated my feelings where this book is regarded but also because I feel like there is a million little things that I have missed that I need to go back and reread to appreciate it better.

“You’re in the right place at the right time, and you care enough to do what needs to be done. Sometimes that’s enough.”

This is one of those books where you can reread it a thousand times and there will still be little sentences, little scraps of thoughts that didn’t mean anything to you the first time around but mean everything the tenth time around. I am going to be picking this book up whenever I need something… enchanting and disturbing in the most beautiful way.

“Only the ship is made of books, its sails thousands of overlapping pages, and the sea it floats upon is dark black ink.”

This should have come with a warning; don’t read if you don’t want to feel like someone has reached into your head and scrambled your brain all up because that’s exactly what this feels like. As it is, I just finished this book five minutes ago and already, little scenes and conversations are starting to flow through my head that I am impulsed to go reread. This book covers a great deal of magical manipulation and I honestly thing that anyone who picks this book up and reads it with an open mind is being magically manipulated. So, maybe, before reading this, perform some sort of protection spell against yourself because once you read this, you wont be ever to not have it on your mind. You will never be able to forget this book, no matter how hard you tried and you will never, ever be able to only read it once.

“You think, as you walk away from Le Cirque des Rêves and into the creeping dawn, that you felt more awake within the confines of the circus.
You are no longer quite certain which side of the fence is the dream.”

Just like the first sentence of this book says ‘The circus arrives without warning’, this book will arrive in your heart without warning and there’s little to nothing you can do about it.

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”
— Erin Morgenstern (The Night Circus)

Read more about The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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